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Ability to install one off software (msi/exe) found in WPP


This might be beyond the scope of this tool but since you also maintain WPP I'd figure I'd ask.

Would it be possible to have the Remote MSI installer also be able to remotely install a WPP published package to a workstation that doesn't normally match the package's approval list? I get one off requests for Adobe Acrobat or other random package that I have published in WPP but can't quickly deploy to them.

This would be an amazing option for this tool. Granted I'm imagining you deploy the MSIs via WMI instead of copying over to a temp directory on the system to deploy.


DCourtel wrote Apr 14 at 6:55 AM

Hi Enxer, I don't think it is possible. The computer need the binary to install the software. But WUA will not download it because it is not approved.